God bless America and protect her,
that we may continue to worship in freedom.

God bless the Anglican Communion and especially
The Anglican Orthodox Southern Episcopal Church.
through your Holy Spirit, may we always follow your will for us.

The Southern Episcopal Church

Who Are We and What is Our Mission?

We Are Episcopalians Remaining True To The Faith!

Our Worship is Liturgical:

The liturgies of the early Church provide a consistency with the true apostolic faith and doctrine as passed to us through the Holy Scriptures by the ancient fathers. We use the traditional Anglican liturgy as found in the 1928 Book of Common Prayer.

Our Church is Contemporary:

We worship the same God, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, who has been worshiped throughout the ages, by all men who would be righteous. We are a living part of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church as established by the apostles. Yet this faith is alive for all men for all times and relevent for today.

Our Church is Spiritually Active:

The power and work of the Holy Spirit underlies the activity of our ministry to one another, in the life of the Church and in our outreach to the world around us.

Our Ministry is People Oriented:

We seek to encourage and assist individuals and families in the difficult process of living together in a world that seems to be falling apart. As a Church, we desire to become a spiritual family, where we enjoy working out our Christian faith together. Seeking His will through His revealed Word, the Holy Scriptures in context of the traditional apostolic faith and practice. We believe that you will experience our Lord in our services and His love in our people.

Come worship with us. You will be blessed!

We need the strengths and gifts of one another to learn
and become all that God calls us to be.

The Southern Episcopal Church is made up of Christian communities formed for the worship of Almighty God, continuing steadfastly in that which the apostles bound for the Church on earth. Christianity is not an individual exercise in opinions. It is a coming together to seek God's will for our own lives in love. We need the strengths and gifts of one another to learn and become all that God calls us to be. The mission of the Church is to preach the Good News of Jesus Christ, to all who are lost and dying spiritually.:
There is a God, He loves us and invites us to have a relationship with Him, and in this relationship with God is the ultimate meaning and purpose for our lives.

" We encourage our members to identify their spiritual gifts
and engage in Christian ministry as the Holy Spirit leads them. "

Our intent is to be a loving and accepting Church community for all people, focused on Christ. the head of the Church, and led by the Holy Spirit. We seek to provide opportunities for meaningful worship, teaching relevant to the every-day lives of our members, and opportunities for personal ministry and spiritual growth. We encourage our members to identify, their spiritual gifts and engage in ministry as the Holy Spirit leads them. We seek to preserve the best of the liturgical and theological heritage of the Church of England, always open to the leading of the Lord, constantly seeking creative and dynamic ways to live our life in Christ in today's world..

.......the journey toward true holiness, righteousness and
wholeness is made easier by journeying together ..."

The Southern Episcopal Church is a direct result of the vision of Christian men and women who in 1962 found that there were many changes taking place in the Episcopal Church that were not in keeping with the teachings of Holy Scripture. Several of them decided that something must be done that the Church might be kept pure to the "Apostles Doctrine and Fellowship." All Saints Church was formed as a traditional Anglican Church, dedicated to doing Bible things in Bible ways with the traditional liturgy of the Church. From this beginning grew the Southern Episcopal Church. Upholding the importance of the Sacraments of the Ancient Church and Thirty Nine Articles of Religion as the basis of our Church.

Our vision is to bring back to the Church the atmosphere of openness, genuine caring, and acceptance, which is present in individual ministry and through which the Holy Spirit works so well. From conception, the focus of this Church has been on the value of the individual, and true acceptance of individuals in a spirit of caring acknowledging that all people have areas in which we need to grow; knowing the journey toward true holiness, righteousness and wholeness is made easier by journeying together in God's will.

We are truly Episcopal yet not led into the modern heresies which separate men from God. We seek only His will in our lives and to order our lives to His will.

If you would like to know more about us, contact:

Huron C. Manning, Jr.,
Presiding Bishop,
The Southern Episcopal Church
234 Willow Lane
Nashville, Tennessee 37211-4945

Clinging to:

"An unchanging faith, in an ever-changing world"

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