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We hold to:

"An unchanging faith, in an ever-changing world."

Service Schedule

Sunday School
10:15 AM All Ages
11:00 AM Eucharist
7:00 PM Evening Prayer

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Who Are We?

All Saints
Southern Episcopal Church

All Saints Church is a loving Church community, seeking only to serve our Lord. We do this by serving our fellow man who is lost and seeking the way. We are located at 46th and Park Avenue in West Nashville. That is three blocks South of the 205 exit of I 40. If you are seeking our Lord in your life and seeking to live your life in our Lord. Come let us seek Him together.

Huron C. Manning, Jr., Rector
615- 834-8726 or Fax 615-834-7353

Email: Father Manning

Thank you for visiting our page. May God bless you.