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We hold to:

"An unchanging faith, in an ever-changing world."

Continuing steadfast in the apostles doctrine and fellowship and in the breaking of bread and prayer. Acts 2:42

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Diocese of Ohio and Indiana

Anglican Orthodox,

Southern Episcopal Church

The Right Reverend Charles George Fry, Incumbent
Circleville, Ohio 2 Churches in Ohio.

The Rt Rev Robert Jones.
6 Churches in Ohio
6 Overseas

The Rt Rev Mark Conley
1 Church in Ohio

The Rev Ernie Sampson
1 Church in Ohio

The Rev Jeff Bobb
1 Church in Ohio

The Rev R. A. Kerr
1 Church in Michigan

Serving since 1963


Bishop George Fry
158 West Union Street
Circleville, Ohio 43113
740- 474-8445

We are Anglicans by our Church heritage
We Are Episcopalians by our faith and practice
We are Traditionalists because:
We are striving to keep the faith

We use the 1928 Book of Common Prayer.
A traditional Episcopal Church, truly Episcopal, truly Anglican
but mostly we strive to be truly Christians.
We uphold the importance of true Apostolic Succession,
and of a valid scripturally ordained clergy,
which will let us honor God with truly valid Sacraments.
An Anglican traditionalist Episcopal Church,

Email: Diocese of Ohio and Indiana

The Southern Episcopal Church, USA
Anglican Orthodox

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May God bless you.